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Up to 1000 synced products
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Up to 20 000 synced products
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Popular questions

1. What is it all about?

As a web store owner, you want to work with multiple suppliers and sales channels. As your business grows, you need to sync more and more feeds with your store to keep the stock, price, descriptions up-to-date. Our service takes care of that and keeps inventory synced, prices up-to-date, updates products based on certain rules, and gives you control over inventory and sales.

2. Is it hard to set up? I don't have much time

Although our software is powerful and flexible, it is easy to use and configure. What’s more – we have setup concierge service included for FREE in all of our pricing plans. This means we will make the first configuration for you.

3. I have 3 suppliers and some products are the same. How can I handle that?

Our service handles that with ease! You define the rules you wish and the products from different suppliers are merged based on those rules. For example, you can set the rules to sum the stock quantity and to set the lowest price. Here’s an example

supplier A: Product XYZ. In stock: 3, price: $119.99

supplier B: Product XYZ. In stock: 10, price: $110.99

supplier C: Product XYZ. In stock: 5, price: $139.99

Based on the rule, here’s what’s going to be synced with your shop:

Product XYZ. Stock: 18 (3+10+5), price: $110.99 (lowest).

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